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"To help ensure that your voice is heard"

Cedars of Life Care Management is healthcare advocacy at its best. The strive of the founder Kielly Brew-Chann is to help seniors in a holistic and client centered way. Many times in healthcare the elderly population do not have a voice that is heard when speaking to their healthcare teams. Often, life changing decisions are left to family members or close loved ones, with minimal consulting of the patient who is being cared for. This is part of the reason Cedar's of Life Care Management exists, to help ensure that your voice is heard. Whether you need assistance in a healthcare crisis, long-term healthcare advocacy, support and comprehensive long-term care planning, Cedars of Life is here to help you!


Kielly Brew-Chann

Kielly Brew-Chann is a licensed clinical social worker and has worked in healthcare, care management and placement for over 10 years. She started her healthcare career with being an agency elderly caregiver, which transitioned into case management at a caregiving agency. Kielly's love for geriatrics and healthcare only grew and fueled her interest in becoming a social worker. She attended the University of Southern California for her Masters of Social Work (MSW) and completed her graduate degree in 2015. Kielly has worked in several hospital systems during her service as a travel social worker, she has serviced seniors in California, Washington State, North-Central Texas and North Georgia.  Mrs. Brew-Chann has had the pleasure of serving the aging community in discharge planning, long-term care planning/placement, crisis intervention, arranging hospice/home health and a variety of services and supports. Kielly believes it is an honor to serve the aging population and loves to see the happiness on her clients' faces. Cedars of Life treasures each client and their individualized story. Allow the Cedars of Life team to support your long-term care needs and be your advocate today!