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Linda Crivaro 8x10(small dpi) age 85.jpg
Linda Crivaro Italy 1946 age 20 years old.jpg

Linda Crivaro, 85

Mrs. Linda Crivaro was one of my most treasured friends, I used to provide caregiving services to her many years ago. I thought I was assigned to help her, but I quickly found out that she helped me more than I ever imagined. I learned so much from Mrs. Crivaro, from how to cook fried pizza from a true Neopolitan to history stories of WWII, as she lived through it. The most life changing thing she embedded in me was to continue pursuing my education. She is truly one of my inspirations for pursuing social work and helping elders. Mrs. Crivaro was a blessing to me and I am forever grateful for our friendship.

R.I.P Mrs. Crivaro.


(Courtesy of Mrs. Crivaro’s family)

Linda Crivaro
Italy, 1946 

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