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Reviewing CV

Step 1


Your Senior Living Advisor will assess your care needs in-person or conduct a virtual assessment.

Step 2


We place a high importance on state reviews. These reports will explain in detail the strengths & weaknesses of the senior living communities. Internet reviews won’t tell you this information. Cedars of Life will review the report information with you and any concerns.

Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Step 3


Most senior referral agencies will disseminate your information to about twenty different communities. Once this happens, you will be inundated with non-stop, repeated phone calls. It’s important that you trust your private information with a company who will respect it. Cedars of Life will never share your info without your permission .

Step 4


Senior Living continues to get more expensive every year. We fully understand the difficulty families face, especially when finances are limited. Our main goal is to save seniors money by utilizing our negotiation strategies. We always work for our clients. Cedars of Life will do more than just provide you a list of facilities.

Young Hands Holding Old Hands
Happy Family

Step 5


We stay connected with the clients we transition to senior living and get their feedback on facility experiences at both the 30 and 60 day marks of residency. This insider information helps us stay informed about what real residents think about local senior living communities. We also stay connected to help you and your new community have a smooth transition.

If your loved one...

has fallen.
is at skilled nursing.
can't live alone anymore.
needs 24 hour care.
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